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Turn Your Data Center Dream into Reality


  • We will work with the architectural design team to develop engineered drawings for the project.
  • We visit the job site with our licensed electrical and mechanical engineers to assess the utility services and meet with local code officials to determine requirements.
  • The engineers, along with the project architect, will prepare a set of design drawings that will be used for contractor bidding and construction permitting.

The drawings include:

  • Licensed, stamped, mechanical, electrical and plumbing drawings.  These drawings will be given to the architect to be added to total building drawings.  The drawings will be suitable for submittal to local building officials for permitting.
  • Fire alarm design specifications. Items and devices shown on the plans.
  • Fire protection performance specifications.
  • List of equipment to be supplied by Dave Goerke & Associates and installed by local contractors. This equipment includes uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and battery cabinets, power distribution units, clean power distribution cables, transient voltage surge supressors (TVSS), computer room air conditioners, raised access floor, and emergency power equipment, including generators.
  • We will review the contractor-furnished equipment submittals and assist the contractors with field questions.
  • Respond to contractor RFIs.
  • Review O&M manuals.