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Turn Your Data Center Dream into Reality

Data Center Assessments

DATA CENTER ASSESSMENT SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS – Provides in-depth understanding of current data center architecture, power, cooling, and

systems equipment.

– Assesses the performance, lifespan, scalability, interoperability, and security of the data center and its environment.

– Allows owners an unbiased, vendor agnostic view of their company’s data center facility via an easy to read multi-point report with color photos and video where applicable.

“Be Proactive Not Reactive With Your Company’s Mission Critical Data.”

Ensure reliability & extend service life by inspecting the operating condi- tion of your data center.

– Evaluate your data center’s infrastructure capabilities and ability to support long term business needs.

– Collect and analyze power & cooling utilization data to provide a clear understanding of your current environment.

– Receive a customized, vendor agnostic, multi-point, report with color photos and video of your data center’s current condition along with recommendations that address any critical sightings and site performance opportunities.

Make the most of your data center / server room facility and infrastructure. Today your IT organization is facing a multitude of challenges, including increasing workloads, evolving technologies, aging data centers, rising energy prices, and increased environmental awareness. In many data centers, the power and cooling infrastructure has not kept pace with the dramatic changes in the IT environment.

By proactively managing data center / server room power and cooling systems, you can improve reliability, reduce energy costs and make the most of your existing facility and infrastructure.


Level 1 Server Room Facility up to 500 square feet. $2500

Level 2 Server Room Facility up to 3,000 square feet. $3500

Level 3 Server Room Facility over 3,000 square feet. $5000

(Optional custom pricing depending on facility size and architecture.) Out of area travel charge will be provided upon request.