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Turn Your Data Center Dream into Reality


In the conceptual phase we will meet with the customer to discuss all of his needs for the data center, including:  Hardware growth projections, design and budgeting, cost justification approvals, and plan and specification development.  Depending on the circumstances of the project we may have our engineers attend the meetings for the conceptual design phase.

  • We will provide a programming guide to the customer to help start the space design.
  • A preliminary budget for the project will be established early on during the conceptual phase.  The budget will be discussed and approved so that our customer knows what to expect for project expenses.  The budget will be a cooperative assessment by the owner, the architect, Dave Goerke & Associates and, in many cases, a general contractor.
  • Conceptual layout drawings typically entail five or six 8.5-by-11-inche architectural drawings showing the basic layout of the critical space in conjunction to the total project.
  • These drawings will include equipment, personnel and workflow for that area. Usually the financial institution will assign either one person or a team of people to review the drawings and to decide on the final layout of the space for the organization.
  • We will work with the owner’s design team to coordinate and revise the drawings until the best suit the needs of the owner, usually taking six drawings or less to complete this process.
  • We will assist the architect to coordinate our “critical area” conceptual drawings within the complete space design.
  • After a budget price has been established and the conceptual design is complete, we will move into phase two.