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Turn Your Data Center Dream into Reality

Owner Representation

Our fees are based on hosw much involvement we have in the Information Technology (IT) area with planning, engineering, construction and coordination.

  • After all potential subcontractors are qualified, the general contractor will be responsible for securing bids. We will assist the owner and general contractor with the assessment of the bids.
  • Throughout the construction phase, a DGA Project Consultant will visit the site to monitor and inspect the progress and quality of work. We will answer installation questions and assist the owner and general contractor with all critical equipment.
  • Provide submittals for engineer and contractor review.
  • Supervise shipping and installation of all critical equipment.
  • Coordinate with the architect, engineers and contractors.
  • Provide start-up and test of UPS and batteries.
  • Supervise start-up of HVAC and electrical equipment provided by the owner.
  • Supervise and schedule raised floor installation.
  • Meet with the client’s security contractor and develop guidelines for installation and schedules of all security devices.
  • Assist in installation of voice/data cabling throughout the building.
  • Coordinate the fire protection and detection installations.
  • Conduct reviews and discuss with the owner all contractor bids and submittals.
  • We will perform a “punch list” inspection and will work with local building inspectors to obtain the occupancy permit.
  • DGA will be on-site while the client is moving into the new facility, acting in a consultant role for the computer room critical equipment. We will also arrange for computer room and electrical and mechanical systems training.
  • We will help set up local service and maintenance contracts, and will provide operation and maintenance manuals.