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Turn Your Data Center Dream into Reality

Items Provided

All of the equipment will be furnished to you at a very competitive price as part of our package.  A list of that equipment will be supplied to you with our proposal.

All of the items listed below will be shown on drawings as DGA provided:

  1. DGA will supervise the installation and start-up of this equipment.
  2. UPS (uninterruptible power system)
  3. Batteries for UPS
  4. Power distribution unit for computer room
  5. TVSS (transient voltage surge supressor) devices for computer room
  6. Kirk Key maintenance bypass module for UPS and transfer switch
  7. Generator
  8. Transfer switch for generator
  9. Flexible power distribution for all raised-floor areas
  10. UPS, UL478 power cabling for computer room
  11. Dedicated computer room air conditioning equipment
  12. Labeling and audible covers for EPO (emergency power off) system
  13. Raised flooring and carpeting material and installation